The story of Addo African Clothes begins with a beautiful love story,
that of Lolo & South Africa.

Lolo is a French passionate entrepreneur who arrived in South Africa in 2012 to learn English. She fell in love with the country and never left. Animated by the willing of creating businesses that support fair trade tourism and local economy, and her desire of being a rolemodel in the preservation of the environment, she created Molo Lolo Collection, a hospitality brand that makes a difference. After the opening of Molo Lolo Lodge in Cape Town, she decided to grow bigger and opened Addo African Home : a beautiful Lodge near Addo Elephant Park, where the beauty of nature meets Molo Lolo’s engagements for eco-tourism and the support of local communities.

"Sustainable fashion : a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice"

This environment inspired the creation of a clothing brand : Addo African Clothes. A 100% local and ethical brand, creating original safari-style outfits and wellness accessories, made by local women entrepreneurs.
• We use cotton and hemp from certified organic cultures that does not use any pesticide or chemical fertilizer.
• The dye process is free from heavy metals and chlorine.
Our standards ensure that our clothes are manufactured within respect workers’ rights and fair labor practices.

Our beautiful people

GOOD HOPE 2021, the collection

The 2021 capsule collection is intemporal & intergenerational.
Our timeless and inter generational collection is made with 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp.
• The cotton comes from certified organic cultures that do not use any pesticide, GMO or chemical fertiliser
• Hemp is a robust plant that grows without pesticide, without chemical fertiliser
• Hemp is planted around other crops to protect them from insects and diseases
• Hemp is the superstar of natural fibres offering a wide range of benefits including being breathable, UV resistant and naturally anti-allergic

Choosing our locally made & sustainable clothing is the perfect way to reduce your environmental impact and love your planet!